Upon entry you will need to use the hand sanitizer provided.

There is one situated outside the front door and one just in the entrance

Track and trace are available via our QR code or signing in sheets.

The QR code will just be inside the entrance with the signing in sheets. If captains of all sports could put their games on to the track and trace sheets this will cover your bubble of 30 and will help with congestion and duplication.

No sporting equipment within the entrance.

Please no equipment in the clubhouse as we need to keep everywhere as clear as possible please use Changing rooms or vehicles.

No loitering within the entrance.

Please do not stand in the entrance unless queuing for toilets or bar area and if you have children please keep them with you.

No changing room access through the front entrance.

The only access to the changing rooms will be from the gable end of the building with a one-way system in and out.

No kitchen facilities.

I have a plan for getting your teas back as soon and as safe as possible, I will update over the next couple of weeks.

There will be someone on the lounge entrance to help you with your needs. Please listen to them and follow procedures.

We must put someone on the bar entrance to control the bar area. This person will help you sign in, make sure masks are being worn, (there will be masks for sale at the front door if anybody forgets theirs.) direct you to a table, show you the takeaway service station and show you to the patio area.


Staff to wear masks or visors at all times.

Masks to be worn until you are seated at your table.

If you are to stand back up from your table you must put your mask back on the same if going to the toilet.

Tables are set out in groups of six and are socially distanced.

Please do not move tables or chairs from there positions and do not have more than six at a table unless there are young children. Please try to keep your children seated or to your table, please do not let them wonder the club house.

Table service only.

There is only table service when seated. We will provide the table with a baton that you hold up when you want serving. We are working on a wireless card machine to limit people going to the bar. Please do not approach the bar unless its for takeaway service. (see takeaway service) please leave all glasses on the table for the waitress but please remove your rubbish to the bins provided.

Please refrain from wearing kit in the bar area.

This is not for a dirt aspect but for a sweat aspect, please ask players to bring a pair of joggers and hoodie.

Takeaway service.

There is a tall table with 2 stools close to the bar. The host will direct you to the table (whilst wearing a mask) were the waitress will take your order ten you can leave.

Coffee and teas will be available.

Outside patio.

This area is available weather dependant however we are working on a plan to get coverings and heating this will be discussed at our next phoenix meeting. The rule of six still applies so please do not move furniture. Masks are not needed.


Entrance and Exit

This is the gable end exit at the very back of the building. There will be floor signs directing you to your changing rooms (Hockey & Lacrosse) please follow the one-way system. Please could the captains of each team take charge of each use of the facilities. This will include clearing down after the game and using the fogger. (please see fogger)


You must check with your governing bodies if this is ok to use as we have communal showers. If this is feasible I would suggest one person at a time. These again will have to be sanitized after every use either using the spray dock provided or the fogger.

Fogger and spray doc.

Clubhouse Guidelines – 29th Sep 2020
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