It is with great sadness we must advise that Andy Wilson (Senior) passed away peacefully on Sunday 8th November at Wythenshawe Hospital.

As many of you know, Andy had been ill for some time & in Wythenshawe Hospital. He sadly tested positive for COVID19 earlier this week.

Andy’s wishes are not to have a funeral service but to be cremated & his ashes scattered on the Lacrosse fields at an appropriate time in the future. He spent many years looking after the Lax fields, & the astro, at WPSC & was happiest working on the grounds for the game he loved.

I’m sure you will all join with me in wishing Chris, Andy Junior & family our deepest condolences on behalf of WLC, WPSC & WPAL.

Andy has been at Wilmslow lacrosse club for 20 years after his early playing career at Timperley LC, Andy played crease attack & finally in goal before he hung up his cleats. He then spent his time tending to our pitches and linemarking as well as helping WPSC and WPAL and WPH with ground maintenance. Andy had slowed down last year due to illness but not before sharing all his hints and tips to those of use who enjoyed his company.

Andy will be missed by many. God Bless.

Below are a few words from from David Shuttleworth & Alan Holdsworth from Timperley Lacrosse.

Andy was introduced to Lacrosse by Chorlton players led by Frank Tewson who came into his Brownley Green School. Andy joined Chorlton Lacrosse Club where he developed into an excellent player with outstanding natural ability.

When Chorlton relocated to Timperley Andy came along with them . At this time I was being recruited for Timperley and it was suggested that I should have a game to meet the players before I committed. I turned up for the game in the old shed . Frank Tewson was the captain and he introduced me to the team who were mostly changed to play. Frank then announced that it was a unique occasion for Timperley as we had 13 players for a 12 a side game so someone would have to stand down. His statement brought a volcanic outburst from an already changed player accusing Frank and everyone else in the world of complete incompetence. He then got changed into his street clothes and walked out of the changing room. I was open mouthed but no one else seemed concerned . “who was that ?” Was an obvious question. “ oh that was Andy was the unconcerned response.”

Andy was an outstanding, skilful goal scoring attackman and when required he was an excellent goal keeper. He was a volcanic and completely committed character.

In the 1970s and 1980s there was no social media or electronic communications. Most clubs had weekly open meetings where teams for the following Saturday were selected. Any problems were sorted out by telephone . No iPhones or Facebook in those days . One week I received a telephone call from Andy. The conversation went roughly-
“Dave its Andy . I’ve had an accident at work. ( Andy was an excellent joiner working forManchester City Council). I fell off a ladder and hurt my shoulder. I went to A & E and they signed me off work for 4 weeks. “

“ So that means you can’t play on Saturday?”

“ No I will be able to play. They said I couldn’t work not that I couldn’t play Lacrosse. I just think that you should leave my name out of the report you put in the Messenger. “

“ Fine if you score (which he usually did) I will put you down as “Jones “ !”

Andy was an uncompromising competitor and set high standards from his team mates. At the time Timperley’s rise up the tables was driven by a group of talented young attackmen- David Holdsworth , Derek Crummack , Derek Bagguley, Carl Hodgkinson, Bob Newton and Graham Guest and of course Andy Wilson. The defence was not of the same standard and made me very wary of a move into the 1st Division which was a world away from where we were.
In one game when we had Andy in goal ( I think against Ashton ) and were getting a bit of a battering and despite the tongue lashing from our goal keeper. As I watched our defence being over run I turned round to see Andy sat in the crease. Our goalie had gone on strike!

Andy worked hard with our growing junior programme and was also a real leader in maintaining our connections with Fallston.

Eventually he moved house to Congleton and transferred his allegiance to Wilmslow which was significantly closer . Timperley‘s loss was Wilmslow‘s gain.

In recent years Andy has been a hard worker helping maintain the grass and ATP facilities at Wilmslow.

Andy made it clear that he did not want a formal funeral which in these times would be difficult and would like his ashes scattered on his lacrosse fields. I know he would mean Wilmslow but it would be a recognition of his early contributions in growing Timperley from a fourth Division side to a Premier Men’s and Women’s club with the biggest junior programme in the country if a few ashes could be spared for Stockport Road.

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