The Nick Kehoe International was a little different this year, featuring the first instance of the women’s Northern Soul Cup. Teams were formed from players from varying clubs and universities and were drafted into three teams – Phoenix, Albatross and Eagles.

The teams played in a round-robin 8-a-side tournament, with 2 x 15 minute halves. There was a fabulous level of lacrosse on display, with players coming in from the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Brooklands, Timperley, Mellor, Stockport, and of course the hosts, Wilmslow.

The matches were very evenly matched and led to a fabulously entertaining set of matches to watch!

The first match was between Eagles and Albatross. At the end of the first half, Albatross was up 5-4. The Eagles fought back in the second half and scored 7 goals. The teams were so evenly matched, they finished regulation time at 11 goals each, having to go into the 4 minute golden-goal overtime, with the winning goal scored by the Eagles’ #7, Holly. Albatross top scorer was #1 Martha with 5 goals.

The second match saw Phoenix take on Eagles. Eagles took an early lead in the first half, finishing it 6-3, with some great goals from #7 Holly, #5 Kat, #2 Lucy and #10 Sarah, not to be outdone by Phoenix goals from #19 Emily, #10 Karina and #1 Sophie. Both teams went on to score 4 more goals each, finishing up the game with a 10-7 win for Eagles.

Last but not in any way least, Phoenix took on Albatross. Albatross, well rested after watching match 2 came on the pitch ready to prove themselves and scored 6 goals in the first half. Goal scorers were #11 Harriet, #8 Emma, #1 Martha and #15 Ella. Phoenix managed to come back and score in the second half, thanks to #11 Millie and #3 Kat. The final game finished 2-10.

Congratulations to Eagles who ended the tournament on top and walked away with the inaugural Northern Soul Trophy!

A special mention has to go to our top performing players…

Goal Scorers:Martha (8, A)Lucy (6, E)Kat (6, E)
Turn Overs Created:Holly (5, E)Maisy (3, A)Kat (6, E)
Draw Controls:Martha (8, A)Holly (7, E)Lucy (6, E)
Goal Save %:Teresa (30%, A)

And of course a very big thank you to everyone who helped the day happen, especially Lucy and Phoebe for stepping up and organising everything!

You can see some more pictures & full stats below! For more pictures, click here.

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Millie Geddes

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