2015/6 Season LDO
Harrison Parr
For those that don’t know who I am; my name is Harrison Parr and I am the club’s LDO. Yes, I am new to this club but not to working for the ELA or the position as an LDO. I have spent the last two year as an LDO in the London area and was apart of SEMLA.  I was working with the Purley Lacrosse Club where I had all the roles of a typical LDO, was a player/coach, and I organized and ran all training session. Our roster consisted of international player that participated in the most recent World Championship in Denver as well as Ex-World England players from box and field lacrosse. I also coached and organized tryouts for selection of the South of England squad that participated in the last two British National Championships.
Secondly, my lacrosse CV before arriving to the UK spans from coaching all age groups for the past 10 years. I’ve worked with youth players, was the offensive coordinator at my high school, coached several select travel teams, and even helped coach my university team while I was injured for a season. I’ve worked at/managed lacrosse camps, ran indoor/outdoor youth leagues and men’s leagues. I also created my own private lesson business (Iso Lacrosse). It consisted of individual to small group sessions which emphasized on expanding lacrosse knowledge, improving positional skill set, and boosting athletic ability.
I am passionate about lacrosse and I’m very knowledgable as well. I have spent an extensive amount of time involved with this game, watching, and analyzing it. When I do speak up it’s because I believe I can have a positive impact of sorts, and hopefully improve individual players which will benefit the team as a whole.
All in all, I am here to help Wilmslow Lacrosse grow. The success of the U19’s with Mellor this past weekend was a step in the right direction, especially with the substantial contribution from all of the U16 players that participated. I just wanted to say thanks to those that came out support and all the parents for their continuous contribution.
Harrison parr Harrison WLC